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Michael Sarris specializes in California family law with extensive experience in the areas of child support, child custody and visitation, spousal support and community property division. Prior to joining Brandmeyer Gilligan & Dockstader, LLP, Mr. Sarris founded the Law Offices of Michael Sarris, where he advised clients in both corporate law and family law, building on his corporate experience at large firms such as Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, J.P. Morgan and Higgs, Fletcher & Mack where he spent a number of years as a corporate securities’ lawyer and an investment banker. Mr. Sarris is conversant in Spanish and fluent in Greek.

Mr. Sarris received his Juris Doctorate from Athens University Law School. Additionally, Mr. Sarris received his Masters of Law in European Community Law from University of London with honors and his Masters of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.

Honors and Awards
Masters of Law with merit from University of London (top 10% among 880 graduates).

Professional Activities
Mr. Sarris is a member of the California Bar Association and the European Union Bar. He is currently Vice President of Finance for the American Hellenic Council of California. Mr. Sarris is the founder of the Los Angeles Opera House and has extensively volunteered at the Harriet Buhai Center and Levitt and Quinn Family Law Center.


"I originally filed for divorce in 2011 and tried collaborative, which was not successful. This went on for over a year, as both parties have to want to cooperate in order for this to work and since there is no judge or court timeline, there is no urgency or means to hold them accountable to complete the process timely . Collaborative can become very expensive if one of the parties isn't reasonable as was my case. I then retained another attorney who tried but was not able to gain cooperation from my "ex's" attorney who had an agenda to keep dragging it out and piling on the fees through 2013. Eventually I hired Mike Sarris and it was night and day, within about 6 months we were done. Mike was very knowledgeable, detailed and firm, yet he was able to gain cooperation with the other attorney while ensuring that the terms we wanted were agreed upon with some reasonable compromises along the way. Mike was great at explaining the process and understanding and supportive of my frustration in going through the divorce process. I was very pleased with the outcome and wish I would have hired him from the very beginning. Thanks Mike!"


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