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FAQ Video Introduction

FAQ Question #1 "My spouse and I have owned businesses for many years, but I've not been involved in the businesses, how do I make sure that I get my fair share as we go through the divorce?"

FAQ Question #2 "How can I keep my cost under control?"

FAQ Question #3 "I have know that my spouse has been involved in extramarital affairs, and now that we are getting a divorce, I want to know if I can get back some of they money that he spent on his partners?"

FAQ Question #4 "My spouse wants to move out of state and take our child, is there anything that can be done about that?"

FAQ Question #5 "What should I look for when selecting a Family Law attorney?"

FAQ Question #6 "When getting a divorce, what are my legal options? Litigation vs. Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce?"

FAQ Question #7 "What do I need to know about child support and spousal support?"


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Taxes & Divorce

An analysis of the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017
With the passing of tax reform highly likely in the near future, attached is a side-by-side comparison of current law and the changes found in the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" for 2017 (prepared by Troy Yoshida, CPA).
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