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Domestic Partnerships in California

California Family Law Firm | Domestic Partnerships | Child Custody | Child Support Rights | Property Characterization and Valuation

Under California law, couples who register a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State are afforded most of the same legal rights and obligations as married couples.  Should a party wish to dissolve the domestic partnership, steps need to be taken similar to dissolving a marriage and the same issues regarding child custody and visitation, support and property need to be addressed.   

With more and more couples considering domestic partnerships, it is important for you to know the potential legal ramifications of entering into such unions as well as know your rights regarding child custody, support, and property settlement if you are choosing to dissolve your relationship.  Our family law firm can advise on all matters that may relate to domestic partnerships including cohabitation agreements, child custody, support rights, and property characterization and valuation.

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