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Traditional Litigation

Litigation is the traditional divorce process where both parties hire divorce attorneys who provide legal advice and represent their client in negotiations and court hearings. Each divorce attorney advocates positions based on the personal wants, needs and viewpoints of their client. The process may involve the use of formal legal procedures, known as "discovery," to obtain financial and other relevant information. read more

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The goal of Collaborative Divorce Practice is to come to a mutually acceptable, negotiated settlement between two parties without the threat of going to court. In this practice, each of the parties retains their own collaborative divorce attorney who will gather information, provide education on rights, responsibilities and options, and negotiate on their behalf. read more

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Divorce Mediation is a voluntary process through which you make decisions together with your spouse based on an understanding of your views, your spouse's views, and the reality you face. A divorce mediator facilitates your discussions but does not give advice or make decisions. The mediator may, however, make suggestions as to how the various disputed issues can be resolved and what the process would be if the matter were litigated. read more

"When getting a divorce, what are my legal options? Litigation vs. Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce?"