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John J. Gilligan, CFLS was quoted in The Los Angeles Daily Journal

Brandmeyer Gilligan & Dockstader's own John J. Gilligan, CFLS was interviewed and quoted in the Los Angeles Daily Journal profile article of Judge Randall Pacheco of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Mr. Gilligan stated of Judge Pacheco -- “He’s very kid-oriented, not only for the kids before him.  Sometimes he’s thinking of step-siblings.  He’s thinking of new, blended families.”

Gilligan said the judge’s tentatives promote settlement talks, and there have been times both parties went out into the hallway to discuss a resolution after Pacheco posited a plan.

“He’ll tell you a long, drawn-out reason – the reason why he decided to do what he did.  Sometimes, lawyers can get a little anxious about that, but it makes the litigants feel like they truly get their day in court.”


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