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Brandmeyer Gilligan & Dockstader's own, John J. Gilligan, has contributed to the FAQ & Answer section of Divorce Magazine.  His answers to FAQ’s will be featured on



He provided insight into the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     " I now live in California but I was married in Texas.  Can I file for divorce in California?"

2.     “How soon will I be divorced?  How can I shorten the process?”

3.     “My spouse has stock options at his work; are those considered an asset to be divided during our divorce?”

4.     “My ex-wife and our two kids have moved in with her boyfriend.  Do I still have to pay alimony and child support?”

5.     “Does the judge decide our entire case if we can resolve everything except how to divide some of our property?”

6.     “What effect does our prenuptial agreement have on our divorce?”

7.     “Do men ever receive spousal support?”

8.     “Can my former spouse file for bankruptcy to avoid paying child support?” 

9.     “When will my child support end?”

10.  “My wife is an alcoholic.  I want to leave her, but I’m worried that I won’t get custody of our kids.  Are the courts still reluctant to grant sole custody to fathers?” 

11.  “I inherited a summer home from my parents.  Is this home still my separate property now that we’re getting a divorce?”

12.  “My career was raising the kids.  My attorney mentioned I would be entitled to Social Security benefits via my ex-husband’s record.  How does this work?”

13.  “Will I lose some or all of my pension as a result of divorce? I don’t see why my spouse should get any of it – he has hardly worked a day in his life.”

14.  “How much does mediation typically cost?  How does the mediator charge for services?”

15.  “What is collaborative practice?  Is it the same thing as collaborative law or collaborative divorce?”

16.  “Do I need a financial advisor as well as a lawyer for my divorce?  Won’t I be paying twice the money for two professionals to be doing the same work?”

17.  “My husband received annual bonuses during our marriage, which he put in a savings account in his name only.  Are these funds considered marital or separate property?”

Click here to view his full responses. 


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