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John J. Gilligan, CFLS, Participates in Newly Formed Daily Settlement Officer Program

BGD’s own Certified Family Law Specialist, John J. Giligan, is a member of the committee of the newly formed Daily Settlement Officer (DSO) program in Compton, which began March 12, 2015.

The reason for the DSO program is that the courts had to dismantle the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program in the last round of budget cuts.  The Los Angeles County Bar Family Law section stepped in to fill the gap.  The courts are interested in providing improved service to members of the Compton community. 

The DSO program will provide the Central District Family Law courts with settlement officers who are family lawyers and forensic accountants. 

Settlements officers have been extraordinary successful in resolving disputes.  More than 60% of the cases referred to the settlement officers are resolved.


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