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Brandmeyer Gilligan & Dockstader Hosts MCLE Presentation with Raymond R. Goldstein, Esq. on Support, EQ & Fee Enforcement

Raymond R. Goldstein, Esq., and Chair of the State Bar of California's Family Law Section, will give an MCLE presentation to Brandmeyer Gilligan Dockstader's paralegals and attorneys titled, "Support, EQ & Fee Enforcement: A Few Basics, and Well Beyond,on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

The discussion will include: Method of Payment; Enforcement of costs and fee; Judgment, enforcement and renewal; Defense of laches; Crediting money received for support; Property subject to enforcement of money judgment; Community property; Community estate liable for debt of either spouse; Liability of married person's earnings for premarital debt of spouse; Liability for support obligation; Judgment lien for installments under support judgment; Property not subject to execution; Levy on property in private place; Turnover order in aid of execution; Deposit accounts and safe deposit boxes not exclusively in name of judgment debtor; Examination of judgment debtor; Examination of third person; Witnesses, privilege of spouse of judgment debtor; Creditor's action against third person; Enforcement by changing order; Lien under terms of changing order; Order to assign right to payment; Where settlor is a beneficiary; and Claims for child or spousal support. 

About Raymond Raymond Goldstein:

Raymond R. Goldstein is the managing partner at the Center for Enforcement of Family Support. The Center, established in 1979, is a private law firm that focuses its practice on the enforcement of past-due child and spousal support and related marital obligations. In addition to its utilization of common enforcement procedures against conventional debtors, the Center prides itself on pursuing the most evasive debtors with creative lawyering and dogged persistence, employing sophisticated remedies such as piercing corporate veils, stock turnover orders, set-asides of fraudulent transfers and extraordinary executions on property such as aircraft, boats and country club memberships.

Mr. Goldstein received his J.D. from the University of West Los Angeles in 1993. He has lectured regarding both civil and family law judgment enforcement to thousands of attorneys in both the public and private sectors, has spoken at numerous bar association events, and serves as an expert on judgment and support enforcement to the media. Mr. Goldstein is the author of many articles on the enforcement of judgments, the lead author of the enforcement chapters in CEB’s Child and Spousal Support: Establishing, Modifying, and Enforcing, and the update author to many chapters within CEB’s Debt Collection Practice in California. Mr. Goldstein proudly serves as Chairman of the Family Law Section’s Executive Committee of the State Bar of California. He is also a member of the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Culver/Marina, San Diego, and Sacramento Bar Associations. Mr. Goldstein is Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, is the former editor of their Family Law E-News, and is past Chair of the LACBA Family Law Section's, Legislative subcommittee. Mr. Goldstein is an Honorary Member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals.


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