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A Film for Kids of Divorce - SPLIT

SPLIT has evolved into a deeply personal film about the kids’ perspective on adults, no experts . . . just kids speaking the powerful truth of what is on their minds and in their hearts as their families change.
Have a look here: SPLIT KICKSTARTER and get a preview of the animation we are developing with kids’ artwork!

Kickstarter is an online funding platform which brings people into creative projects. Word spreads though email, social media and word of mouth  . . .to people who don’t even know us . . . but who care about the issues and want to become part of the film. And in turn, supporters get some great rewards.
Our goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days (with help from people like you!). But Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” deal. If we don’t reach our goal of $30k in 30 days, we get nothing. Not a cent!


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