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Brandmeyer Gilligan & Dockstader's own, John J. Gilligan, has contributed to the FAQ & Answer section of Divorce Magazine. His answers to FAQ's will be featured on


He provided insight into the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     " I now live in California but I was married in Texas.  Can I file for divorce in California?"

2.     "I am getting married for the second time. Both of us have children from our first marriages, and we will be living in my house after we're married. Do we need a prenuptial agreement? It doesn't sound very romantic".

3.    "What can the spousal support recipient do to protect against the payments ending with the payor's death or disability?"

4.   "If my ex-spouse does not allow me to visit my children, then can I stop paying child support?"

5.   "What is marital (or community) property and what is separate property? What is the difference between the two?"

6.  "Will I lost some or all of my pension as a result of divorce? I don't see why my spouse should get any of it - he has hardly worked a day in his life!"

7. "Are alimony and child support taxable? If so, is there any way of structuring support payments to my ex to lower my taxes?"

Click here to view his full responses.


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